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“When I stepped away from yo-yo diets, measurements and guilt to focus on eating whole foods, my entire life changed.”

Sam | Founder of MINDFULL

“I am shocked at how much my bloating has gone down! MINDFULL meal plans have helped my bloating and stomach issues sooo much.”

Melissa | MINDFULL Member


Sam Cutler (aka @TheFitFatale) studied health coaching, group fitness training & lifestyle medicine at Harvard Medical School, but most importantly, she has done the work herself to turn her life around both physically and mentally and live a balanced life of food freedom.

With MINDFULL, Sam is sharing the exact way she eats through weekly meal plans, grocery lists, on-demand recipe and coaching videos, community support, monthly live calls and more so you too can feel your best - CONSISTENTLY.

Sam Cutler | Founder of MINDFULL

“I healed my gut, cleared my skin, lowered chronic inflammation and balanced my hormones through this exact way of eating.”

Sam | Founder of MINDFULL

At MINDFULL we believe in true food freedom!

Walk away from the stress around food. Leave behind measuring, calculating and counting. What drive this next chapter is how you feel! You will not see specific measurements in our recipe videos (unless needed - like baking!). This may be different than you are used to, but we encourage you to trust the process and promise to guide you every step of the way!


Why is gut health so important?

You can think of your gut as the operating system for your entire body. It is where your immune health is developed, good mental health is nurtured, and where clear skin and balanced hormones originate. It even helps regulate your metabolism. When the gut is inflamed and irritated, or has an overgrowth of bad bacteria all areas of our body become affected.

Will the Gut Reset Program work for me?

We are all very complex individuals. All of our guts look very different and have been impacted by an array of things our entire life. From stress, to environment and nutrition, your microbiome looks nothing like anyone else’s.

That said, there is one thing we all have in common, and that is the important role our guts play in all areas of our lives. So no matter how you have previously cared for your gut up until now, this is your moment to level-up for even stronger immunity, digestion, glowier skin, better mood and so much more.

Do I need to have gut health issues to join?

You do not need to have gut health “issues” just simply a gut. By caring for your gut you are focused on the source of the issue to make lasting change.

Why should I trust Sam's guidance?

Sam is a trained health coach and fitness instructor and sh also studied Nutrition Meal Planning at Harvard Medical School, but more so than this, she has been through the process of healing her gut, realigning her life and transforming her health.

When our founder Sam Cutler started her healing journey, she didn't understand that all of her unhealthy lifestyle habits (yo-yo dieting, extreme sugar consumption, processed foods, high stress, lots caffeine and alcohol, horrible sleep hygiene) were reeking havoc on her gut, and her imbalanced gut was causing so many of her external issues (skin issues, chronic inflammation, weight gain, low energy, mood and hormone problems). It was all connected through the body's true operating system, the gut.

Through learning what foods worked for her body, walking away from yo-yo diets, and truly embracing a world of whole foods, Sam completely changed her life. The effects were seen not only physically and felt mentally, but they impacted her relationships, her career and her quality of life as a whole. Sam implemented gut loving foods, daily movement, and overall healthy lifestyle habits, to heal her gut and transformed her life from the inside out.

Can I join the program even if I am not gluten and dairy sensitive?

Absolutely, however we encourage everyone to try eliminating gluten and dairy for the 21 days and see how they feel.

This meal plan is built to help you feel more energized and reduce inflammation. For that reason it is gluten, dairy and processed sugar free. If you are not gluten and dairy free, this can be an opportunity to explore how you feel without these inflammatory foods for a few weeks. That said, please do what works for your body. Feel free to use the same ingredients that include gluten and dairy if that is best for you.

Do I have to go vegan to participate in the program?

Although our program is primarily plant-based, it does include lean animal protein like fish, chicken and eggs. That said, we encourage you to customize this meal plan to your preferences, swapping between proteins (fish, meat, poultry, legumes) or veggies where you prefer.

Can I return the program if I am not satisfied?

The 21-day Gut Reset is final sale. At checkout you will be delivered the 45-page guided e-book, however over the course of the 21-days coaching, recipe and expert videos along side live coaching calls and community will be provided to support you. We encourage you to take advantage of all of the tools provided to see the most success.

Do you provided measurements with your recipes?

At MINDFULL, we believe in true food freedom. In walking away from the stress around food, leaving behind measuring, calculating and counting. What drives us is how we feel! For that reason you will not see specific measurements in the recipe videos unless necessary (like for baking). This may be different than you are used to, but we encourage you to trust the process and promise to guide you every step of the way!

Do you create the recipes yourself?

Our founder, certified nutrition meal planner and health coach, Sam Cutler, creates all the recipes herself. Each recipe includes lean proteins, greens, fibre and healthy fats. Most importantly, Sam guides you to understanding how much of what your body is needing and when.

I am international, can I still participate in the program?

Of course! We have women all over the world take part in MINDFULL programs and see incredible success.


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